Saturday, 31 January 2015

Summer in Mandurah

Well we had an uneventful trip with Jetstar from Adelaide to Perth on Tuesday 27th. Once we arrived at Perth Domestic Airport at 2pm we headed for the Transperth bus stop and waited for 15 minutes in the 40 deg C heat for the number 40 bus, which took us into the city. A quick 5 minute walk to the train station and then on towards Mandurah, 50 minutes south by train.
This was the first time Jenny and I had ever caught public transport home from the Airport, it proved to be an easy, cost effective option. Approximately $10 each.
Ainsley & Joanne dropped us off
at the Adelaide Airport

On Wednesday 28th we dropped our VW Kombi Camper, off at the local canvas gurus to have a new pop top tent section fitted. From there we rode home on the push bikes via the path along the freeway. Dam it was hot & humid, the ride home is 21kms.

Hot ride home, thinking about
losing the beard.

Thursday 29th, tired of looking like a hobo so shaved off my beard and had a hair cut.

Friday 30th, slack day paying bills, organising travel insurance for the Europe trip in March & house maintence...leaky toilets (x2), yucky poo!
I needed some spares to repair the loo's but we couldn't get our car out due to the power being off because a car had hit a power pole.
I know there is a manual over ride but the roller door is very heavy and our Landcruiser is quite tall. Fortunately our daughter's sedan was available.
Then had a couple of friends over for dinner.
House maintenance time. 

Jenny put up the pool.

Our friends, Darren & Delys. Yes that's a new me
On the left.

Saturday 31st Body Boarding at the beach. Then caught up with my brother and niece, so overall it's been a pretty good week!

At Secret Harbour for a swim
& surf on body boards.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Party time in Adelaide.

Total distance driven, 2850km
$171 diesel at 120.9cpl BP near Joanne's place 23rd.
Some photos I didn't want to post until we received our bond back on the camper.

Adelaide for 5 days. 22nd-27th January
 So we managed to find Joanne's place on the 22nd without to much hassle before we stopped there we gave the camper a quick wash down at a DIY car wash as it was a bit dirty & we were not suppose to drive it on gravel roads. I guess you could say there was a lot of road works between Hyden & Norseman. All up we did 2850km.

On Friday the 23rd we dropped the camper off at Britz Rental near the Airport, then headed into the city centre . The rest of the time we have spent checking out Adelaide & catching up with friends.

Saturday 24th, off to Port Adelaide on the train & then to Glenelg via the tram. Stopped at the Jetty Bar & watched Jay Hoad, he was really good. Then back to the Unit for Elyse's 18th birthday bash.

Sunday 25th, mostly a rest day, but did go to the Robin Hood Hotel for lunch & Sunday session with the crew.

Monday 26th, Australia Day, breakfast with Jenny & Joanne at Stumpies Cafe, then into the city for some shopping on Rundell St Mall, back to the unit. Then onto Elder Park for the Australian Day Party, highlights were Sneaky Sounds System, playing live & the fireworks.

Tuesday 27th off to the Airport at 12noon for trip back to Perth.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cactus to Remarkable NP, Mambray Creek, 648km then to Adelaide

21/01/15 Wednesday 648kms.
 We woke up late due to day light saving, 8am, we had a look around Cactus, the pier & shark net was a good surprise. Then onto Penong for a B&E Toastie & Coffee.
 Next stop was Streaky Bay, we purchased some food for dinner & had a quick bite to eat on the foreshore. Streaky Bay looks like a great place to live!
We ended up arriving at Mt Remarkable around 6pm , Jen had to jump onto her Smart Phone & pay for access/camp fee online. Welcome to the 21st century.
$10 for access & $8 to camp, great value with real toilets, hot/cold showers, gas bbqs & heaps of local wild life. Nice setting as well.

22/01/15 Thursday. 368kms.
 Up at 7.30am, after breaky & coffee we went for a walk along the dry rocky river bank, saw heaps of birds, goanna, roos & massive red river gums (Wira).
We then hit the road just after 9am, stopping in Port Pirie to say hi to our friend Paula, she had to work, but we'll catch up on Saturday.
We then headed to Adelaide, stopping at a DIY car wash to give the camper a quick wash down. Then Joanne's place where we were greeted by her daughter Ansley.We grabbed out our meager belongings as we have to fly back with only hand luggage next Tuesday. 
Tomorrow we'll have a drive around Adelaide then drop the camper at BritzRentals near the Airport.

Pier at Cactus Beach, also a shark net for swimming.

Cactus Pier, people camped on beach (sign says no camping)

Surfs up at Cactus

Our patch of sand at the Cactus camp ground.

Jenny putting in some kilometers
To Streaky Bay

Main Street Streaky Bay.

Streaky Bay Jetty.

Sleeping in the roof "coffin"

Emu at Mambray Creek.
Mt Remarkable NP.

Camp Site at Mt Remarkable
remember you have to book online

Catching up with Paula at
New Wave Surf & Street
Port Pirie SA

Rest Stop at pink salt lake near
Lachiel, 1hr north of

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Koonbalda to Cactus Beach Sth Oz 362km

So we have just arrived at the famous surf spot of Cactus Beach. The weather is windy and overcast. Jen & I made it here at 4.30pm after 20 rough kilometers down a dirt road from Penong.
We got away from Koonbalda at 10.30am after a good look around & then headed 6km north to check out the cave.
So pretty cruisey day. One fuel stop at Nandroo , diesel was 131.9p/l , it cost us $179 ,we were quite low so a bit nervous in a different vehicle. If we had held out to Penong it would have been 6c cheaper.
 All settled at Cactus Beach it's like a rustic caravan park in between the dunes. 12.5 per person.

We had better pick up the pace tomorrow as the camper has to be handed back on the 23rd.
Cactus Beach, rough day for

Waiting for the rain to stop.

Campsite at Cactus ,  $25 p/n, very clean
flushing toilets, wood provided for bbq &
cold shower. Super close to beach.